Steam Condensate Chamber Engineering

TechLine International offers condensate chamber engineering through our US manufacturing division, TechLine Mfg.

Steam Condensate chambers, also known as seal pots and condensate drip pots, are welded pressure vessels that allow instruments and valves to be attached in line with routed tubing to allow for line sampling, elimination of fluid, and other processes. They are used to protect sensitive metering systems and devices by trapping and holding condensate and foreign material that may accumulate in gaseous service lines. TechLine Mfg. condensate chambers are also used as a liquid barrier between the mainline and the secondary instruments to prevent steam, vapors, and corrosive/viscous process fluids from reaching those instruments. TechLine Mfg. stocks a number of prefabbed standard condensate pot sizes, and we also provide custom pots based on customer requirements. Contact us to let us know what you need.

For more information on condensate pots, please see our TechLine Mfg. page, where you can learn more and request a quote.

TechLine Mfg. condensate chambers are used as a barrier between the main and secondary instruments to prevent steam, vapors, and process fluids. Request a quote today!


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